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Friday, June 19, 2015

Kustom Kufflinks Review

Kustom Kufflinks Review

And that means today is the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. And typically, at the rehearsal dinner, we give gifts to the bridal party as a big THANK YOU for everything they've done to keep us sane and to help make the wedding amazing! From day one we knew that we wanted to give out nerd/comic themed cufflinks to each of Michael's groomsmen (and one for Michael) because...well...if you know Michael or his friends and would make so much sense.
Kustom Kufflinks Review
When I started researching the options for these cufflinks I was lucky enough to find Kustom Kufflinks and I am SO GLAD that I did because we had the best experience and ended up with the perfect gifts for the guys!

Kustom Kufflinks Review
I actually discovered Kustom Kufflinks, an amazing company that creates quality, customized, cufflinks options out of Canada, on twitter! And when it was time to buy our guys their gifts I simply sent them an email and started the process that led to these amazing cufflinks for our groomsmen!
Kustom Kufflinks Review
Not only do they have a RIDICULOUSLY large catalog of cufflink options to begin with (including sports, movies, flags, music, superheroes...etc!), they will also work with you to create a custom cufflink if that is what you want! (Michael's cousin got married in February and her groom actually ended up working with Kustom Kufflinks as well to use his Fire Department patch logo for his cufflinks!) We only fully customized one set of cufflinks-Michael's. We weren't in love with any of their Nightwing options so we sent Scott (the owner and creator behind Kustom Kufflinks) some images that we liked better and he worked with us to create the set that we ended up with! We also tweaked a couple--the Captain America set originally had the shields smaller with a border around them but when we asked to have that shield made to fill the entire cufflinks, he had no trouble accommodating us! We also did some work to make the Batman cufflinks the vision we had in mind--all throughout the process Scott was extremely helpful and patient and worked with us until we were 100% happy with everything!
Kustom Kufflinks Review
So here's the breakdown of who got what:

David (his best man)-Batman
Josh (my brother)-Spiderman
Kevin (Michael's brother)-Superman
Christopher (Michael's youngest brother)-Captain America
Vince (Michael's cousin)-Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

There were tons of options for superheroes on the website and some we just chose straight off of it and some, as I explained already, we customized or slightly tweaked. And I think everyone is going to really like them and look SO cool in the wedding!
Kustom Kufflinks Review
Anyway so once you order your cufflinks-they obviously get shipped to you. Then they arrive and you get to "ooh and ahh" because they look so awesome and you can't wait to get a wedding photo showing off all the super coolness! Something a little different, that's actually really great, is that all of Kustom Kufflink's cufflinks feature a "folding swing arm style" (as opposed to the more traditional straight post)-they're more comfortable and versatile, and are made to contour to movement (reducing the risk of snapping). Hooray for durability and comfort!
Kustom Kufflinks Review
So there you have it. Tonight we'll be gifting these beauties to our favorite dudes and tomorrow they'll wear them while Michael and I...ya know...get married. 

I highly recommend Kustom Kufflinks for anyone looking for a unique, one of a kind accessory/gift! Check out their website, facebook page, and twitter!

Disclaimer-I was provided with 2 free cufflink sets as well as a discount on the others by Kustom Kufflinks. I was under no obligation to write a positive review and all opinions are, as always, my own. 
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