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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Something Saturdays (4/19/14)

Well this week has been an emotional rollercoaster. Michael's not doing so hot-he misses me oodles (awww) and his routine has been completely thrown off (which he does not deal well with) and he hasn't really been eating or sleeping very well aaaaand...he hates his job. Which...ya We knew it wasn't ideal but apparently it is quite awful-much more corrections (aka prison) than he wants (for the record, the amount of corrections he would like in a future job is pretty much 0. And this job is like 99%). Anyway, it's gotten to a point where I think he'll be able to bear it just long enough for us to find him something else. So that's ok I suppose.

Anyway, all of that compounded with me missing Michael (I forgot how lonely living here can be without him) and not looking forward to us having to job hunt for him again and the overwhelming-ness of the move and everything...I just hadn't really let myself feel those feelings and it culminated in a big sobbing fit on Monday. I feel much better now. Plus, on Wednesday I had a wonderful time with my cousin Emily and TONIGHT IS MY GOING AWAY PARTY!! I'm really excited but really nervous. Past experience of me throwing parties has not gone so well. I'm a smidge worried very few people will show. Buuuut....the fact that it'll be my last chance to see a lot of people will hopefully make some people come out.

yeah. I'll tell ya how it goes!

In other news: My mom said for future family functions (where generally my mom and her siblings bring food, not so much the grandkids) she'll just pay me money for ingredients and let me make the food that's "from her" OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED! I'm gonna feed everyooooone!!!

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Recipes from the blog that I made this week
Cheesy Chicken Noodles

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Homemade Cheesy Potatoes (Simply Scratch)
I can't resist!
Overnight Cinnamon Rolls (From Valerie's Kitchen)
These Cinnamon Rolls look SO beautifully fluffy and I am just craving them now!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Friends with Kids-This is an indie movie, I believe. I'd read about it in some of my magazines so when I saw it on one of my movie channels-I watched it. Oh my GOSH-I was overwhelmed by how much I loved this movie. It does a great job of straddling the line of being untraditional and also just like...a classic movie. Plus there's cute babies. The ending made me super happy too. it if you can. I really wanna watch it again.

Once Upon a Time-Ohhh good! So happy things worked out for Ariel and Eric. However....esh Hook's current situation is not good. :(

Resurrection-(Wow, next week is the season finale? short season!) I'm very very worried about Rachel right now. But it's super sweet how Jacob's dad has come around.

The Originals-Things are not looking good for the originals right now, including the unborn one. :(

Glee-Yeah Mercedes! Good call! Wait until marriage-it's what the cool kids too :D And good for Sam, he's almost as great as Michael! And it's so sweet and saaad how Rachel talked about Finn. Oh, and, finally: it is entirely unrealistic how Blaine just got cronuts all the time like NOTHIN'! I have never had one because the lines are insaaaane.

Hot in Cleveland-Why must they make all the women single? It's exhausting. Like...ok Victoria isn't gonna go fake her death to be with Emmett. And oh no, conveniently, Joy's long lost baby daddy needs to go to the Sudan. And I'm still upset about Melanie not being pregnant with Alec's baby. *harumph*

The Vampire Diaries-I liked the Stefan/Elena fantasies. It makes me sad. :( Also-ohhhh no! Tyler!

Parenthood-I wonder what's gonna happen to Ryan. And what's going on with Joel and Julia. I still hate Natalie. aaaaand hey! Haddie was not only mentioned, but was actually in this episode (and has a girlfriend!) I can't wait for next seeeeason!

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)
Note: Bottom right photo has cookies from Levain and fried chicken from Harlem Tavern-YUM!
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