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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Something Saturdays (9/7/19)

This week was AWESOME.

Michael was off work on Monday so we just got to spend some fun family time. Tuesday and Wednesday James and I just hung out and got some stuff done. But then THURSDAY WE WENT TO THE CLEVELAND ZOO!!! Their African Elephant enclosure is amazing (and they're my favorite animal) and they also have a cool giraffe encounter where people feed giraffes lettuce. We saw so many animals and James had so much fun. The weather was also flawless and it was a slow day so no crowds, and Michael was with us because he took the day off. It was perfect. I don't work all this weekend, either, so hopefully we'll have more fun! James is always so happy when we're all together <3

Instagram Lately (a few highlights from this week on Instagram)

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