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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Something Saturdays (4/20/19)

Michael and I had a lovely brunch together last week, thanks for asking. The rest of the week was pretty cool but the big event was: JAMES HAD ICE CREAM FOR THE FIRST TIME. We took him to a local-ish ice cream place that has a location near us that we like (Handel's, in case you were curious) and he was a big fan. Super happy and pleasant and playful. He had his own baby vanilla cone that he definitely enjoyed but clearly he preferred taking bites of mommy and daddy's chocolate peanut butter ripple ice creams. It was a great time and I loved his little voice exclaiming "ice creaam!"

But let's talk about what we all want to know right now: what are we doing for Easter (if you celebrate--or if you celebrate a different holiday what did you do/are you doing?) Today we're dyeing eggs (I used this methodology for homemade dye). Michael and I loved how Christmas went so much we're replicating the same model for this holiday. We're hosting an open house at our place and our parents will stop in whenever is convenient for them/when James isn't sleeping lol. We're serving:
I'm really looking forward to it! What are your plans?

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