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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Something Saturdays (1/26/19)

Well we survived the snowstorm of last weekend! We definitely got a lot of snow but luckily we had nowhere to be so we just sort of hung out. Which was wonderful, of course, and I was super glad it was a 3 day weekend (Michael had Monday off). Tuesday my dad came by to see James. Wednesday I worked. Thursday I went to my beloved Studio Bakery (seriously, if you live in the Akron/Canton area GO THERE. I have insanely high baked good standards and their stuff never fails to astound me. Their chocolate caramel tart that I got this trip is one of the most delicious things I've ever had. Their macarons are the best. much yumminess.) Later, my cousin and her daughter (who is 10 months older than James--the same age gap as between her and I) came over and they had so much fun playing together! It was too cute. Friday we just hung out and James gave me an awesome nap (since we switched to one nap last week a good chunk of stress has been spent over how long he's been sleeping for that nap) so that was great. This weekend I have to work but not for long so I'm still planning on enjoying my time with my boys!

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