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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Something Saturdays (12/29/18)

Hi everyone!!!! How are your holidays going? I hope as great as mine!

Christmas Eve was lovely-just spending time with my hubby and baby and making cookies together (James loves watching the mixer and left a little thumbprint in a cookie which I now feel like needs to be immortalized for all time--anyone know how to turn a baked sugar cookie into an ornament? Lol #imnotkidding). Christmas day was THE BEST. James was so danged excited about everything and so so happy. He loved all his gifts, and the food, and getting to see his grandparents. We just stayed home and had our parents stop over at different points of the day and it was just perfect. Wednesday, Michael had to go back to work (boo) but we kept up the festivities by going over to his mom's house for dinner to see Michael's brother and sister-in-law who were in town (it was our only chance to see them because Michael's dad and them were going to an out-of-town wedding for a cousin. We weren't able to go because of work plus that travel with James is just not going to happen.) James was happy to see his aunts and uncle. I had to work then Thursday and Friday but those were the last days of work for me for a couple weeks so yay! Today we're having a playdate with a former coworker of Michael's who has a son a couple months older than James. Hopefully it goes well!

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