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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Something Saturdays (10/13/18)

Last weekend we had friends over and it was SO fun-it's a good reminder that we do need friend time lol. Even if that time also involved a squirmy crawly baby. This week has been pretty routine, nothing terribly exciting. 

Oh! But! The commercial I filmed with Michael and James is finally up and it's so so cute!

Posts from this week 

Recipes from the blog that I made this week
Cheesy Chicken and Potato Chowder
Extra Flaky Biscuits

Recent links bookmarked (visit my Pinterest for more)
Beef Chili for Two (Dessert for Two)

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Queer Eye-If you haven't watched the Netflix Queer Eye reboot DO IIIT. It's amazing.

Law & Order: SVU-Made me cry. So much. So not ok.

This Is Us-Watching Jack and Rebecca get together is SO SO CUTE (even though she frankly doesn't deserve him but he loves her so Jack should get what Jack wants.)

Instagram Lately (a few highlights from this week on Instagram)

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