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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Something Saturdays (5/19/18)

How was your Mother's Day weekend guys?? I have to say mine was pretty perfect. Saturday we had a wedding for Michael's cousin (which luckily everything was like 5-10 minutes from our house) and James was flawless. He even fell asleep in my arms in church (which he hasn't just fallen asleep like that since he was like 2-3 months old--and it wasn't even naptime yet so he wasn't overtired!) He honestly dealt with everything so great. Then, my 1st Mother's Day, he could not have been happier to just be home with his mommy and daddy. He was so sweet and affectionate and happy all day. And he napped like a champ. It was awesome. And Michael was so sweet and vacuumed for me and brought me food and had James pick me a dandelion (they're flowers!) and he and James painted me a picture. much love for that husband and that baby of mine.

The rest of the week I did some cleaning and blogging and generally got things done. I had to work a little tomorrow and today I have a wedding! Which I always enjoy but I hate having to be away from James for so long (not to mention pumping is always annoying). But tomorrow I'll just be home with my boys so it's all good!

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Law & Order: SVU-This felt very old school SVU for some reason. I'm mostly just relieved Finn isn't leaving!

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