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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

James-4 Months!

Date: April 10, 2018

Height:  25.59 inches (as of his doctor's appointment on the 16th)

Weight: 13 lbs. 7.2 oz (^ditto)

Sleeping Pattern: We just changed his schedule--previously he took 5 naps (the first two were longer and the rest were short-like 30ish minutes, and he usually skipped the last nap), now he takes 3 full naps and then one optional short little catnap before bedtime, then he's fed and down for the night around 8-8:30. He then either wakes up once in the middle of the night to feed (usually anywhere from 1-4AM) or sleeps through the night! We have a pretty set sleep routine-he gets sleepsacked (although his arms are no longer swaddled-luckily that was a very easy transition) and then sang to and put in his crib and he falls asleep on his own. He's gotten SO SO good at falling asleep on his own, which is helping I think with the 4 month sleep regression stuff. (All the 4 month sleep regression is is baby's sleep becomes more like an adult's-less full and deep right away and with more sleep cycles that they wake a little between each. The problem is when the baby doesn't know how to fall back asleep.)

Eating Habits: My baby is getting so big! He's going longer stretches between eating now (about 3-3.5 hours during the day and 10-11ish hours at night if he sleeps all night). Since he's eating less frequently he's eating more and is SO adorably hungry (big gaping baby bird mouth and little "ahh" sounds when he gets on the boppy to eat lol). He does get distracted more easily now that he's older, and sometimes he seems like he wants to play with it instead of eat but I try to make sure he eats enough!

Development: He's definitely teething. I think he's started recognizing his name (and some of his most-used far as he's concerned his name could very well be Nugget lol). He's so so strong and good at pushing himself up and it takes way less effort for him to roll from his front to back, now (still making moves to roll from back to front but it hasn't happened yet). He's still super smiley and great with the laughs and definitely seems to recognize the people he sees regularly (namely, his grandparents). I think he's also starting to get less cool with strangers-my dad (who he hasn't seen since his baptism) came over the other day and James looked at me with fear and wailed every time he tried to hold him until I took him back. He's talking more and more and he's seeming to understand our tones and words more and more, and trying to imitate our words more too.

Mischief: He chews on and drools on EVERYTHANGGG--which isn't really his fault, it's that darn teething.  It is pretty funny when he tries to chew on my face though, lol. Also, when Michael "noms" his neck, James gets this fierce look on his face and goes to retaliate and attack daddy. It's hilarious.  He'll do the same thing where he'll do a back and forth that feels almost like a competition if one of us imitates him squealing or if we say "argh" he'll do it back and it feels like he's trying to one up you and it's so so so funny. Otherwise he's not terribly mischievous at present? Oh! Except that sometimes he like "argues" with me-he'll yell/talk at you in an angry manner and it really feels like he's arguing with you/mad at you. It makes me giggle.

Cuteness: This baby is MADE of cute. He gives so many smiles and laughs have become more frequent (he even laughs at himself sometimes which and he TALKS TALKS TALKS AND TALKS. He's a particularly large fan of yelling/squealing. James is just very very expressive and has SUCH a personality. I love love love it. He furrows his little brow more often than not (that is courtesy of his daddy) but also will look super wide eyed and surprised and gives huuuuuge grins (courtesy of moi). He adores kisses (especially from me and Michael) and when you get all up in his face ( least when we do. Can't say he'd love that from everyone). He's also definitely ticklish, especially on his tummy and feet. He'll grab anything on me he can get his hands on because he wants to hold on tight, which makes my heart smile (but also can be painful, like when he grabs and holds onto my neck skin). He still loves to dance and loves being sang to and music in general (the Tarzan soundtrack and 70's funk are particular favorites). Now that James' arms are free when he sleeps he puts them in super cute positions sometimes-above his head, out to the sides, sometimes he has his hands curled over his eyes (he also now rubs his eyes when he's tired, usually, which is cute-and also conveniently tells me he's sleepy). He really really really adores me and Michael and that's pretty much the cutest thing in the entire world-he's usually super content to just be held by me with our cheeks pressed together, and his face lights up anytime he sees Michael. Honestly everything this baby does is adorable.

Nicknames: James-y, Littlest Bob, Nugget (or Nug or Nuggy), Cutie McCuterson, Mr. Drooly/Drooly Boy, Honey Bunny, Mr. Blue Jeans (don't ask), Mister, Sir, Bud/Buddy, Goose (short for silly goose), Wiggle Worm, Friend, Sweet Boy, Baby, Love (My love, little love, sweet love), Little little, Cutie patootie/pie, My Sweetie/Sweetie-pie, Little/Sweet/Baby Boy (or any combo with any of the other nicknames listed)

Talking: He "talks" sooo much! He's really having fun playing with different volumes and sounds, particularly squeals. It's so crazy because sometimes it really feels like he's talking to you-the way he intently looks at you and "speaks". I love it!

Favorites: Me and Michael. Also his grandparents and Aunt Shannan and cousin Bri. Dancing. Being sang to (or whistled to). Being naked (still). Baths. His wubbanub (a kind of pacifier attached to a stuffed animal). His psyduck (it's a pokemon...he has a stuffed one he got from a friend). Being smiled at and talked to. People making funny sounds to him. Being tickled and/or kissed on his feet or tummy. Playing on his activity gym. Kisses.

Dislikes: Those mean old teeth coming in. Being denied food when he wants to eat. Going to bed. Spending too much time being held by strangers/people he doesn't know super well. Being held in a position that he does not want to be in in that moment/being held down. Being poked with needles (I mean...obviously). Being forced to remain in tummy time past the point he's decided he's done. Getting dressed. And who knows-he's generally happy but sometimes he's just cranky and he dislikes pretty much everything (due to aforementioned mean old teeth, usually).

Firsts: James started teething this past month (not my favorite thing). He also started sleeping in his room all night (previously he'd been in a cradle by our bed) and-AH-he slept through the night for the first time!!

Concerns: Just with all the changes to his schedule I get a little concerned about making sure he's eating enough and everything is timing out right but honestly not much. Just the pain the poor baby goes through from teething.

A Day in the Life: Currently James wakes up around 7am and I feed him and then we play and chill for awhile, spend a little time with daddy before he goes to work, change diaper and outfit (if it got spit up on...which it frequently does), and then go down for a nap around 8:30ish. Wake up again around 10:30, eat, play (which involves tummy time, activity gym, dancing, chatting, general funsies), change, and bed around 12. Eat at 2, repeat the whole cycle, sleep around 3:30. Eat at 5, play, a short little catnap (or rest if he doesn't want to sleep) around 6-6:30ish, more playtime, then we begin bedtime. I read him a story then dress him (while he has his wubbanub (pacifier)) then take him upstairs and put him in his sleepsack, put some lotion on his hands, and feed him. After he's done eating I tell him I love him and lay him in his crib where he (hopefully) sleeps all night-or he wakes up once to eat.
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