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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Something Saturdays (11/5/16)

Hihiiii people! IT'S NOVEMBER! whaaaa?'s only a week and a day until my birthday! That's crazy-town.

How did you Halloween go? Mine went pretty well! I ended up getting out of work early so I was able to be at our house to hand out candy to all the trick or treaters-and I do mean ALL. I gave out approx. 150 pieces of candy. I almost ran out. It was A LOT. But um...when did kids stop saying "trick or treat"? Or even dressing up AT ALL. I'm serious when I say there were a good chunk of kids, young and old, just wearing jeans and hoodies-not makeup, no masks, nothing. I don't get it. The majority still had some sort of costume-age but I was shocked by how many didn't. 

This week was fairly boring-just getting stuff done. But I did make and photograph some recipes for this little bloggy blog so yayyy!

Today Michael and I are going to do some furniture shopping, wish us luck!

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-Evil Queen + Rumple skeeve me out. Henry and Killian bonding were cute though. And I still find Aladdin adorable.

Jane the Virgin-It's so refreshing to see a couple like Jane & Michael on TV, it's the closest thing I've seen to my own circumstances. And they're just cute and I love them.

Married at First Sight-FINALLY couples stayed together! Hopefully they continue to...well...continue!

This Is Us-Omigosh Randall and Jack moments this ep made me all weepy. Also I did NOT care for how Kevin's talking about when his dad died makes it sound like it was when he was still a kid :'(

Supernatural-Ok British MoL, this is strike 2! :( Also Mary's text was sorta sweet, still just waiting for her to come back thoughhh.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-Aghhhhh Greg I want you to make good life choices buuut I also want you to be with Rebecca because you help make her a real human person most of the tiiiime. And y'all are cute. And Paula...poor Paula. I mean...I love babies so I'm like "but baby!" but I get this is rough for her current situation lol.

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