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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Something Saturdays (10/29/16)

It's been a pretty darned good week! The wedding last weekend was super fun, in a gorgeous Columbus venue (I highly recommend Vue in Columbus if you like industrial, so cool!) Monday my cousin Brianna came over and hung out for a bit, which was fun. And Tuesday we hosted our first ever dinner in the new house-for Michael's dad and stepmom! I made roast, pierogi, and rolls and Jeanne brought a salad and apple pie and ice cream. Everything was so delicious and we had such a nice time. We even watched a little of the world series (I live about an hour from Cleveland so people are PRETTY stoked). Wednesday I ran some errands, which included upgrading my phone (I had an iPhone4 that was starting to act up, so I was definitely due): and then I had way too much fun playing with it, primarily with the snapchat filters :P Other than that I've just been working and stuffs. And TOMORROW is our neighborhood's trick-or-treat! Our first time having trick-or-treaters! There's lots of kids in our neighborhood so I imagine it will be busy. Michael's gonna have to do the first hour or so by himself (I work until 4 and it's happening 3-5) but I'm excited!

Sooo I've started Christmas shopping-is it early? I don't think so. Regardless, a friend of mine and Michael's has started up a facebook page to advertise his custom homemade wooden gifts (these include toys and also lots of other cool stuff) and there's some awesome ideas on there for Christmas gifts! Michael and I actually already own quite a few of his pieces.

I love Lin Manuel Miranda. I loved In The Heights. I love history. So it breaks my heart that I don't get to see Hamilton on Broadway. BUT I did get to watch this amazing documentary on PBS (which I watched online and so can you!) called Hamilton's America. It talks about the history, the process of making the musical, and it shows lots of clips from it. Love love loved it.

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This looks crazy delish and super easy!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon A Time-Aladdin and Jasmine are entirely adorable. And I STILL don't trust this whole vision saviors always die thing.

Jane the Virgin-For the record, 3rd seasons in and I'm still really liking this show.

This Is Us-Still blowing my mind and making me feel things. I also figured about Jack-and sort of hoped it was the case, since Rebecca is with Miguel.

Law & Order: SVU-This was the way I think everyone wishes the Brock Turner trial had actually gone down (not that I would've hated more jail time but at least "Ellis" admitted that what he did was wrong).

Younger-It is so dumb that Kelsey bad pancake'd that guy just because he lives on Roosevelt Island. He seemed really sweet. *sigh*

Supernatural-The sad little boy looks on Sam and Dean's faces-- :(

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-Greg is like the only person Rebecca gets so real with. *sigh* still shipping it.

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