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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Something Saturdays (5/28/16)

BUSY week! Last Saturday I helped with the setup of a beautiful wedding at Hale Farm and had lots of fun talking about logistics with my boss, Val. She also officially announced me on the Perfectly Planned's facebook page. Monday, Michael and I took his dad and stepmom and aunt and uncle to Savor (the restaurant that my cousin owns)--everyone liked it, it was all delicious! Tuesday I had a meeting with Val and a bride whose wedding we're doing on June 4. It was fun and I'm so excited for the wedding! Wednesday we went to Michael's sister's baccalaureate (it's like a Catholic pre-graduation mass ceremony thing). Thursday was her graduation! Friday me and Val did another wedding, this one at Brookside Farms-in a barn. It was beautiful but A LOT OF WORK. Val's sister and sister-in-law came to help and we still didn't sit down for more than 5 minutes during that entire 12 hours (noon to midnight). I have blisters on the heels of my feet. They also had Chipotle for the food but Chipotle doesn't cater and the barn doesn't have staff so we had to do ALL OF IT. So...yeah. I'm exhausted lol. And Val has updated her contract to say that clients need to have caterers or get charged a ridiculous fee--which is fair. Seriously. But it's always fun and the bride and her parents seemed very happy so that's all that matters :)

Today is Shannan's (Michael's sister) graduation party and tomorrow is my cousin's! Then Memorial Day we have a pool party at my grandma's-the first of the summer! What are you doing for the long weekend?

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Law & Order: SVU-Oh man. I mean...they were strongly hinting that something like this would happen to Dodds but still....that was heartbreaking. The scene with Olivia and Tucker (and Noah) was sweet though.

Orphan Black-I'm so relieved Felix found/saved Sarah! But ohhh I'm so worried about Donnie :(

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