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Friday, December 4, 2015

Our {Town}House Tour!

Yes...I know. I moved over a year and a half ago and I'm just now posting pictures. My only excuse is that I was waiting to hang pictures from the wedding and now that I have I can say the house is (mostly) complete!!

So..let's go on a tour, shall we?

Of course...let's begin with the kitchen:

And this is our utility room off the kitchen where our washer and dryer and odds and ends's a bit of a mess....

Back to the kitchen! Love my KA mixer in all its blue glory 

Here is the dining room (where I do my food photography, in case you were curious):

Then the living room (and our entry way)!

The little globe next to our lamp has sand from our honeymoon in it, it was a very sweet wedding gift (which we then collected the sand for).

I looove our living room! I'm also obsessed with all our pictures. How cute are the puzzle pieces? You can add on additional puzzle pieces for different life events (like kids)-it's so cool!

Now let's head upstairs...

This is the upstairs hallway (featuring a photo of the island in the Bahamas where my grandma owns a condo, and a piece of artwork by Michael's sister---and of course more wedding pics).

Guest bathroom:

Our beloved'ly random guest room/office:

We put everything in this room that didn't feel grown up enough for other rooms lol.

Master bathroom!


As you can see there are more wedding pictures, a wedding shadowbox I made, and a gorgeous painting of a rose by Michael's sister that she gave us for Christmas last year.

THE END! I hope you guys enjoyed the little tour and that you like our house as much as I do :)
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