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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Something Saturdays (11/21/15)

I had a great birthday weekend! I only wish I could've spent more time with my Michael-but we're planning on doing a just-the-two-of-us dinner soon for belated celebrations.

This week I just got things done and now I'm in the midst of a 7 day in a row work jag, that isn't over until Thanksgiving. Soooo that's what I'm doing this weekend, and trying to get other stuff done/spend time with my Michael :)

My Multi-Nut Butter was featured in this delicious round up of Nut Butter Recipes on Booya Fitness! AND my Coffee Ice Cream was featured in this round up on Fitness Magazine!

I've listened to a lot of "Hello" covers and the only one that even comes close to being as good as Adele is Demi Lovato! Speaking of...I was just waiting for a girl to do a smooth version of Hotline Bling and so I was super not surprised when Amy from The Voice did just that.

ANNNND you guys---I'm giving away a canvas print! Go and enter if you haven't already!

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Giant, chewy, amazingggg cookies!
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These rolls look like perfection!
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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-It's so good to see some of the other characters again! Dr. Whale, finding out what happened to Ruby...etc. Merida's storyline made me all weepy. And then of course, also....eeeeep double dark ones!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-I'm insanely hung up on the fact that Paula said there'd be no "Shiloh, Maddox, or Vivian"--uhhh Angelina Jolie adopted Maddox prior to Brad, she's talking about Knox. Obviously.
Also...still #TeamGreg maybe even more so than ever.

Jane the Virgin-Did they just make an OITNB reference?? I worry that this professor is going to become a love interest and I want Jane with Rafaaaaael! But this episode gave me hope! Hooray! (*gasp* I just realized her professor is in the Magic Mike movies!! And *gasp*I just realized why Jane's new semi-evil friend looks familiar: he's in this hilarious video!)

The Muppets-I'm liking this show more and more. Hehe.

Finding Carter-So Carter is seriously the worst kind of teenager. She thinks she's an adult and her parents shouldn't tell her what to do, give her boundaries,etc. and um...she's wrong. And it's stupid that she gets to run to her terrible-parent/kidnapper anytime she doesn't get her way.


Criminal Minds-That poor little girl :(

The Big Bang Theory-Nooooo...poor Amy Farrah Fowler!

Scandal-I do not like what Olivia just did. And I do not like what has happened with her and Fitz. And I wish Huck was with Quinn instead of Charlie. Overall...pretty unhappy about all of this.

The Vampire Diaries-"But we didn't bring you here to condemn your outdated racial slurs" ahahaahaaaaa. On a more serious note--thank goodness Lilly has seen her pattern of abusive dudes and....Caroline pregnant with Alaric's babies. Obviously this is how they end up engaged in the future. Interesting.

The Originals-Ahhhh poor Cami! And now Jackson and Haley are like...I don't know (although maybe this means she and Elijah could rekindle things??)

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