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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Something Saturdays (7/12/14)

Once again, much fun was had this week!!

I spent the weekend at my mom's house due to all the family festivities (I live about 30 minutes from my fam.--excluding my brother who lives about 10 minutes away. He also stayed at my mom's last weekend.) I had a blast getting to spend time with more of my mom's families at the 4th of July party, and I got to see the beautiful fireworks! Sunday was a pool party and, as always, that was fun too--especially watching my cousin's 1 year old start to walk (and realize HOW FAST she can crawl! Like a little rocket, she is!)

Michael's cousins from his mom's side of the family (all the adult cousins, excepting 1) came over to our apartment for a big night of games and food and fun! Michael's mom! It was insane! Gotta love Italian families!

We booked our videographer: Just Perfect Video. Lowell, the owner, has been a professional videographer/editor for quite some time and he is just the sweetest man. This was definitely the best value for our money-a decent price for HD, professional video of our day. :) Yay!

We also had our first cake tasting with a bakery-I won't reveal the name of any of the bakeries except the one we end up booking, but I will say that the cake we tasted was wonderful. The white cake with vanilla mousse was the best white cake I've ever had-the texture was fluffy and almost angel food cake-like, and the flavor was so buttery and delicious-not boring at all! It's a definite contender.

...I also may have gotten all of my engagement photos in. And maybe if you check back on Friday you can see all of my favorites! (Now I just need to figure out which ones to use for our save the dates! and wedding website! And guest book! And figure out if I want to order prints? And if so how many?! )

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
True Blood-Awww poor Alcide. I'm sad but also still hopeful about Sookie/Bill. I'm also concerned about Eric. And I like James but am currently like "whooooa, back up off Lafayette. Go get Jessica!"

Teen Wolf-Hmmm Scott has apparently turned his first werewolf. In other news I love Stiles and Malia together and I miss Isaac.

Pretty Little Liars-weird new girl is working with Jenna, not very surprising. Ali and Emily hooking up was dumb. I don't know how to feel about the Hastings stuff. Now happy time: CALEB IS BACK!!! ARIA AND EZRA ARE BACK TOGETHER!!!! *happy dance*

Finding Carter-First of all, let me say: ALEXIS DENISOF! (AKA Westley of the Whedonverse) I'm super duper loving the premise of this show-it's so different. However, I dislike the annoying, tried and true platitude of kids who are well behaved being lame or missing out or something (I'm speaking about Taylor. She was fine but then Carter was a bad influence n such). And yeah. Drugs are bad. No matter what the "cool kids" on TV say. Additionally....I'm super sad but totally saw it coming that Carter's dad is writing that book behind Carter's back.

Hot in Cleveland-hehe I liked this one.

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)

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