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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Something Saturdays (2/22/14) + some BIG news!

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN CRAZY! I've been working a lot more frequently, so I'm just feeling wiped out. I seriously don't know how people with full time jobs do it!

And....Ok....guys....I've been keeping something from you since this summer. And now that things are moving along I can FINALLY tell you (this hasn't been a secret, just not something we've announced thus far):

Michael and I are moving to Ohio!

I'm sure you have many questions. I will pretend I'm you and ask/answer them:
Why Ohio?
If you didn't know, Michael and I are originally from Ohio. It is where pretty much the entirety of our families live. I've been in NYC for over 5 years now, Michael for over 2 (he moved here for me) and we are really missing our families. I love New York, I always will, and I am so glad I came here, but it is time for us to go home. I want to plan my wedding there and build our life there, one where we are surrounded by our loved ones. 
Where in Ohio?
We're moving to Cuyahoga Falls-it's about 30 minutes from our hometown (Canton), 30 minutes from Cleveland (where I'll probably be going to for work), and only about 10 minutes from Kent (where Michael will attend grad school....hopefully.)
What will you do?
Well, Michael has applied to grad school and various jobs--he actually has an interview for a position in Akron and an interview for grad school coming up in 2 weeks. I AM still planning on acting-I will just be doing it in Cleveland, a smaller market but a market nevertheless! I have a friend who referred me to some great info and people and I'm kind of looking forward to maybe being a bigger fish in a smaller pond. I'm also going to still try to do my promotional modeling, there's a good amount of that going on around there too. So yeah, that's the idea.
What does this mean for the blog?
Nothing! Well...not nothing but probably not anything big. I'll still be an actress and I'll still make food. I love this blog and I have full intentions of keeping it going. Obviously life is about to change in a really huge way for us (I haven't lived in Ohio since I was 18!) so I can't foresee everything but I will try very hard to keep things consistent on here. Perhaps they'll even get better (I'm certain I'll have an easier time with my food photography when I get out of this tiny kitchen.) Additionally, I'll probably start looking into any Ohio-based blogging opportunities/peoples. I'll miss my NYC bloggies, but it'll be fun to make new friends too!
When is this move happening?
Um...still not 100% on this one. Probably sometime in April. Really it depends on Michael's job situation/our new apartment situation. But...hopefully April.
Will you ever visit New York again?
Of course! I am pretty darn certain visits will be happening. I'll still have a bridesmaid/cousin here after all :)

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The Lego Movie-Michael and I saw this last Sunday and it was really cute! I loved what they did with the storyline and there were tons of cute and funny moments. I will perpetually have "Everything is Awesome" in my head.

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