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Friday, September 20, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Breadsticks-Guest Post at The Spiffy Cookie

Alright! Today is the rehearsal dinner for Kevin (Michael's brother) & Emily's wedding!
Cinnamon Roll Breadsticks-
Also exciting is the fact that I'm guest posting at The Spiffy Cookie today! Erin, the super sassy, super brilliant, girl behind The Spiffy Cookie (speaking of which-how cute is that name? I literally started reading her blog for the sole reason that um...I love cookies. Yeahh) is working on finishing up her PHD (see, smart!) so she asked a few of her food blogging buds to help her out with some guest posts. Today that person is moi! Erin and I were lucky enough to meet when she was visiting NY, along with a group of food bloggers who live in the area, and we had so much fun! She is just as adorable in life as she is on her blog. And her blog-if you don't follow it yet, do. Let's just say that sometimes she does weekly chocolate/pb posts. Uh yes. It's because she lived in Ohio for awhile (where, as you may know, I am from) and Ohio State and Buckeyes and pb/choc. Get it? Got it? Good.

I decided to share these SUPER delicious, fluffy on the inside, crisp and sugar on the outside, cinnamon roll breadsticks. You'll never order cinnasticks from a pizza chain again. Click on over to her blog to read my guest post and get the recipe!
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