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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Raspberry Jam (Pectin Free)

Raspberry Jam (Pectin Free)
The boyfriend loves raspberries.
He also enjoys having jams/preserves. I pack his lunch for work everyday, and I oftentimes make him a PB&J with whatever jam/preserves we have. For awhile, we had some that were given to us by his family. Then we ran out. Around this time, I also had a couple bags of frozen raspberries leftover from something or another. Also around this time, I think I was reading a blog post with a jam recipe. And I was like, "Whoa-that's it? That's all jam is?!" So I had the brilliant idea to google a raspberry jam recipe. Then I learned about pectin. I don't have pectin, and don't particularly want to buy any, so I made sure to search for pectin free recipes. And then I found one. This recipe makes a lot of jam, but I only had enough raspberries for a half batch-so that's what I made. It came out perfectly! I was (and am) so proud of myself! 

I called my mom and was all like, "I made jam!"
And she was like "That's nice. I used to make jam. It's not that hard."
And that was a bit of a let down. Sheesh mom, buzz kill.

But anyway, Michael tried it, liked it, and I make it a lot now. It's always on his PB&J, and sometimes goes on toast or biscuits, etc.
It's super easy guys.
Make some.

Note: this recipe always makes a mess on my stove-top. The hot raspberry goop kinda just flies into tiny specks all over the place from the heat. Be prepared for fun clean up time after you make this.

Raspberry Jam (Pectin Free)

Raspberry Jam (Pectin Free)
(amounts can be easily decreased or increased, as needed)
  • 4 cups granulated sugar
  • 4 cups raspberries (can use fresh or thawed frozen raspberries)
  • Place sugar in an oven-proof shallow pan and warm in a 250 degree oven for 15 minutes. Warm sugar dissolves better.
  • Place berries in a large saucepan.
  • Bring berries to full boil over high heat, mashing (with a potato masher) as they heat.
  • Boil hard for 1 minute, stirring constantly.
  • Add warmed sugar and return to boil.
Raspberry Jam (Pectin Free)
  • Boil until mixture forms a gel-for at least 5 minutes. To know if the jam is ready, do the freezer test. Place a plate in the freezer while you cook the jam. When you're ready to see if it's done, take the plate out and drop a small portion of jam onto the plate. Return the plate to the freezer for a couple minutes. When you remove from the freezer and poke the jam, if it springs back and has a film over it-like jam does-then it's done! If it's still runny, keep cooking and test again in a couple minutes.
Raspberry Jam (Pectin Free)
  • When the jam is ready put in jars--if you're not making a lot and plan to use it soon, just use jars with a nice tight lid. If you want to properly can them you can find various tips on line, including here.
Raspberry Jam (Pectin Free)

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