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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Something Saturdays (2/24/18)

Ahhh this week has been insane.

Sunday, Michael and I left James with his mom for the 1st time and we had a little late Valentine's date night at Gervasi Vineyard (which is like 5 minutes from our house). It was so fun and nice to have that time together and the food was deeelicious (I had short rib with whipped potatoes and carrots, he had a scallop and shrimp pasta with an olive oil and garlic and tomato "salsa" and then we shared a flourless chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse and toffee crumble). And James napped the entire time we were gone so yay! This week was a bit rough though because, for some reason, James decided to nap TERRIBLY. Super short naps at best, refusing to nap at worst. He was crazy happy and playful, though, and he started napping well again yesterday so I think he may have been going through a developmental leap or some such. I'm just glad it's over! He also gave me my longest stretch of sleep yet on Thursday night, he didn't get up to eat until after 4! Unfortunately he wanted to let me know not to get too excited because last night not only did he first wake up to eat at 1, he also got up for a 2nd night feeding around 5ish. Kids, lol. Aside from the sleep stuff we also took James on Wednesday to our hairdresser (Michael needed a haircut) and it was so fun seeing everyone say how cute James is 😄. My cousin Brianna then came over to visit, and on Thursday her mom, my aunt, finally got to meet James and then another cousin, Amber, and her 1 year old Ava came to play! It was SO sweet watching her and James together! Yesterday I went to the calling hours of a family friend, which was sad but it was nice to visit with so many people (James stayed home with his daddy). And today I have to work-boo!

What are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

James-2 Months!

Date: February 10, 2018 (his height and weight are from the 15th when he had his doctor's appointment)

Height: 23.25 inches

Weight: 12 lbs. 3.8 oz.

Sleeping Pattern: Pretty similar to last month but it's much more well established (I feel like as soon as I typed this James decided he'd start struggling with his naps, gah) and he's got longer wake times. More specifics on all of this in the day in the life question.

Eating Habits: Again, pretty much the same as last month-he eats every 2-3 hours during the day and wakes up once or twice in the night. He love love loves to eat-but he's become more efficient about it so it usually only lasts like 10-15 minutes (sometimes he'll even be done after like 8-9 minutes, of course other times he'll be weird and take like are unpredictable) which is convenient for me lol. He tends to just lay on his boppy, eat, and have a look of intense concentration, usually doing something funny with his hands. If he's denied eating for very long (he pretty much knows that as soon as he wakes up it's eating time) he gets ANGRYYY. He also has started just like smacking his lips when he's hungry haha. And he's had a few bottles, which has been going pretty well.

Development: James is getting SO BIG. Super alert and holds himself up so well. His head control has gotten even better (and he's pretty good at tummy time although he's not a huge fan, he does tolerate it better when he does it on the boppy)-and he's already rolled over a couple times while doing tummy time on the couch. GAH. He's huge on imitation (faces, small body movements, and sounds. Faces are easiest for him but he's been experimenting with the rest) and is cooing a bunch. He's also got crazy strong legs and a strong grip (he's gotten really into grabbing stuff, particularly my hair and shirt) and has gotten pretty awesome at self soothing for sleep.

Mischief: Sometimes he wants to have super short little naps during the day. There have also been a couple times in the last week where he ends up just laying in his crib and playing (namely sticking his tongue out a lot lol) instead of sleeping (adorable, but not great for his sleep)-and he'll occasionally just refuse to nap all together. Aside from that he spits up a lot, usually at the most inopportune moments, and generally seems pretty pleased with himself afterwards. He still sometimes tries to break out of his sleepsack and, mostly at night, oftentimes he'll pop his hand out the top of it and suck on it. His hands are still a bit mischievous sometimes, grabbing at stuff and getting in the way occasionally when he's eating (not as much as they used to, though!) And um...he doesn't love to just sit and be held, he wiggles around a lot and wants to do something and look at stuff. Honestly he's pretty much just a really good baby so there's not much right now!

Cuteness: Somehow he's gotten even CUTER. He is SO expressive and it's so adorable and fun, especially when he gives you big delighted grins (although he also has huuuge playful grins he uses for when he thinks you're being funny or he's having fun that are up there with the joyful ones)-he's getting super super smiley. And he sticks his tongue out a lot lol. When I kiss him I always end it by saying "MUAH" ending with a big open mouth when I pull away and he does the open mouth too and usually loves kisses. When I take him upstairs for sleep (and just in general when I hold him oftentimes) he'll wrap his arms kind of around me in a little hug-like hold. He's also coo-ing (including, but not limited to, trying to imitate us when we go "Ooooh"). And he blows bubbles and has started sucking on his hand to soothe himself/just for fun (oftentimes with a hilarious fierce face). Plus he very clearly knows Michael and I and adores us so it's the sweetest thing ever seeing him light up when the 3 of us are together (he genuinely seems to recognize it and be thrilled about it). AND HE LOVES TO DANCE. We had a little family dance party the other day and he was grinning and essentially laughing and clearly having the time of his life. much cute. Hard to sum it up!

Nicknames: James-y, Littlest Bob, Nugget (or Nug or Nuggy), Bud/Buddy, Goose (short for silly goose), Wiggle Worm, Friend, Sweet Boy, Baby, Love (My love, little love, sweet love), Cutie patootie/pie, My Sweetie/Sweetie-pie, Little/Sweet/Baby Boy (or any combo with any of the other nicknames listed)

Talking: He coos and it's the cutest. He mostly just makes random little noises but sometimes tries (and occasionally succeeds) to say "oooh" or "hiii" (because when we play "the face game"-AKA making faces back and forth with him-we say those a lot with corresponding facial expressions). He's "talking" more and more, though, and I'm obsessed!

Favorites: Me and Michael. Eating. Being naked (seriously, as soon as I take off his outfit he's happier, and when his diaper comes off he's happiest)--this includes baths, he loves them. The face game (he imitates you, you imitate him, it's a cycle of fun). Dancing. Being sang to. Kisses.

Dislikes: Being taken out of the bath, his car seat, being denied food, being held in one stationary position for very long.

Firsts: He was semi-watched by someone other than Michael or I, we've done a test run with all of his parents (technically Michael was there at both houses but he pretty much left them to do everything themselves. We still have to do one of these with my mom) and it went well. So well that we ended up full on leaving him with Michael's mom and sister last weekend while we had a late Valentine's Day dinner! (He slept the entire time, woo!) James had his first non-doctor's visit outing for his baptism, and got to meet his Uncle Josh for the first time. I left him for the first time and worked for the first time (I hate it I hate it I hate it, but he always greets me with big grins when I get back that melt my heart).

Concerns: Nothing in particular, really! Sometimes he struggles with his naps or is cranky and crying for no real reason so that always stresses me out but he always ends up being fine. The severity of the flu season at present too has made us paranoid about James being around people and catching something. Other than that, at the moment things are pretty un-concerning!

A Day in the Life: If it's a normal day at home, usually wake up for the day around 6, feed him, play a bit (tummy time, the face game, walking around, the activity gym, whatever suits our fancy), then put him back down for a nap around 7 or so. Then he generally sleeps well for this nap, until like 8:30-9. Then feeding and another hour-ish of the awake time. Wake up between 11 and 12. Eat and play and back to sleep. Wake up around 2-3. Eat and play and back to sleep. Wake up anywhere from 4-5 then eat and play and sleep. Wake up around 7-7:30. Eat and play (and/or bath twice a week) and sleep. Wake up one more time at 10, change him, nurse him to sleep and then we all go to bed for the night. He then usually wakes up to eat again around 2 and goes right back to sleep. Hopefully he then sleeps until 6 but sometimes he'll wake up around 4 or 5. And, yeah, that's a typical day!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Something Saturdays (2/17/18)

After working Friday and Saturday last week I was so happy to just be at home with both of my boys on Sunday! And we got to have a super delish pasta dinner with Michael's dad and stepmom! 

This week has been super fun. Monday, James napped so good all day so I was super productive. Tuesday, we left the house and went shopping at The Breastfeeding Center (an amazing store with cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and baby-wearing necessities)-they just opened up a new addition and had a sale to celebrate! James is not a huge fan of the car seat but he did pretty good, considering. And then, AND THEN, that night Michael and I were playing some fun music (namely the Powerline songs from Goofy Movie, Why Should I Worry from Oliver and Company, and Shake Your Groove Thing) and Michael made James dance while I also danced and he watched me AND OH MY GOD JAMES HAD THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. He was grinning and laughing and seriously just delighted. He was having so much fun and yeah it was the most fun I've ever had in my entire life. (Fun fact-while I was pregnant with him he used to sort of boogie, and when I sat in on a tap dance my friend was teaching he was kicking up a storm with them. So pretty sure we've got a little dancer on our hands!) Wednesday was his 1st Valentine's Day which...was pretty uneventful. Michael and I are celebrating tomorrow by going out to dinner and leaving James for the first time! (eeee I'm excited and also dreading it.) Thursday, Michael took the day off because James had his 2 month doctor's appointment, it went well except the poor little guy got 2 shots. It was so heartbreaking but even worse when later in the day he was just crying inconsolably in pain (we gave him some acetaminophen and he was ok after that). Friday was uneventful, but luckily my baby was happy again and back to normal! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Best of 2017 on Instagram

I know. It's Valentine's Day (not New Year's). I'm very late. BUT I was in newborn mode still during the new year and I sort of love being able to look back on a summation on the year via instagram's late. But that's ok.

2017 was pretty much the year of the baby, obviously, it sort of revolved around my being pregnant and then ended with James' birth, but there were some other highlights for sure, definitely lots of tasty food was eaten (but like...we can all probably agree overall 2017 was a dumpster fire and really thank the lord I was pregnant because that was my main reason to stay happy lol). Anywhozzle, let's reminisce about 2017!

We started off the year with my brother and his at-the-time-new-girlfriend-but-soon-to-be-wifey Jilly!

 I had an awesome Columbus foodie day with my girl Erin of The Spiffy Cookie!

 ^These are my Sweet & Salty Kitchen Sink Cookies, which have become maybe the most popular recipe I posted in 2017!

Michael and I got to go on a little trip to Marietta (he was there for work, I was there for small town charm), which was great since it would end up being our last time away together! (Turns out I was like a week pregnant at that point lol).

 A 2017 round up wouldn't be complete without my fave restaurant, Table 6

I got to see my first concert!! My friend Kevin and I were in the 4th row for Shawn Mendes and it was amazinggggg.

 December 10, 2017 this little guy made his arrival.

And we closed out the year with baby snuggles❤️

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Something Saturdays (2/10/18)

Last weekend's trial run of James being watched by Michael's dad and stepmom went well! Now we just have to do it with my mom and we'll have a prepared group of babysitters lol. 

Another uneventful, but wonderful, week of life revolving around James. Except, Thursday we went to the Hyundai dealership to talk about the end of our lease and ended up deciding to trade it in for a new 2018 Elantra with an extended warranty because there were a ton of deals and that made the most sense! We don't physically have the car yet because we're waiting on a couple things but we're excited! And yesterday, and today, I'm working for the first time post-baby (just 4 hour shifts of doing promotional samplings, pretty simple, and Michael is with James so I know he's fine). I'm super duper not happy about it, though. So many kudos to parents who work full-time, I can't even imagine. James did ok yesterday, he struggled a smidge, but omigosh HE HAS BEEN SO SMILEY ever since I got back. #imnotcryingyourecrying 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

James' Newborn Pictures

These pictures were taken of my little guy when he was only 5 days old, and it's so crazy to see how much he's changed already!!! I'm so relieved there are so many beautiful photos (there are even more than what I'm sharing here), considering James was less than cooperative during the shoot lol. Major kudos to Ashleigh Saylor Photography for being able to capture so many gorgeous moments of when my baby was so tiny!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Something Saturdays (2/3/18)

Oh my word it is February. Can you believe it?! I simultaneously want time to slow down with James but also am so ready for spring and summer!

I'm starting to slowly get back into the kitchen, guys soooo....I'm sorry I have no posts for you. Hopefully soon?

Other than that, it's just been more of my life revolving around James. Last weekend was fun because we took him to Michael's mom's house and sort of had them do a trial babysitting run (with Michael there just in case/supervising) and I went to the grocery store for the first time since he was born. And it went SO well! We're actually doing the same thing today with his dad and stepmom so hopefully it goes just as well.

We also got James' newborn pictures in! I might do a post next week with them, if you're interested? 

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